Maria Segura

Senior Account Manager

Maria Segura is originally from Norwalk, California.  She attended California State University of Fullerton for three and a half years for business while working two jobs when she realized she needed to do something different with her life.

She was working in retail when she decided she wanted to run her own business. She needed experience and money so she applied for a sales position when she got a call from a marketing and consulting firm in Orange County. She saw all of the growth and opportunity it had to offer so she decided to start working with them.

After launching out to Louisiana with Maraki, Inc. she was most excited about building her own team to create opportunities for not only herself, but for others. 

Outside of work, Maria likes to spend time with her family, and grow herself physically and mentally.

Meet Eric

Outside of work Eric loves music, basketball, fashion, working out, art & poetry.